Evaluate and endorse for improved risk management, compliance and control

IQSPL’s Risk Management and Compliance Services assist in evaluating your current security control including payment card industry (PCI) security, identity & IT regulatory compliance requirements and gaps, as against your business objectives and requirements.

Our security experts help you make informed decisions to allocate your resources for better security risks and compliance management. Our expertise include security program development, regulatory & standards compliance, and security education & training.

Our Solutions Help Through


We offer a wide spectrum of security expertise in cloud security services, and managed security services

Industry best practices

We use best industry practices to evaluate your security controls, mechanisms and objectives

Streamlined plans

We help you create streamlined plans to optimize IT assets and manage compliance better

Security, Strategy, Risk and Compliance Services provide

Advisory services for PCI compliance

Maximize security with our dynamic gap & readiness evaluation and remediation reports

Evaluation of essential practices

Evaluate your technical control and security to prepare and pass security audits

Risk assessment and security framework

Minimize business risks by identifying IT security vulnerabilities

Critical infrastructure security

Update your substation LAN’s using switches and hardened routers integrated with your grid equipment manufacturers

Security policy and planning

Address changing regulatory needs and protect your business from evolving threats