The manufacturing sector has been the foundation of economic growth worldwide, as it is one of the largest employment originators. It includes different sub-sectors like Automobiles, Mining and Metals, Cement, Energy / Utilities, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Transport and Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Chemicals, FMCG, and Consumer Durables.

Within the manufacturing sectors, the business interests and priorities of various sub-sectors vary according to the nature of their industry. But if we look at the bigger picture, the competence of internal and external processes, cost leadership, customer loyalty and business analytics are common and cut across industry segments. The manufacturing sector has seen a tremendous change due to adoption of IT by more and more enterprises. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become the primary mechanism to push ahead the industrial growth. Applications related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) have helped enterprises improve their efficiency and management.

IQSPL solutions aid manufacturing organizations develop a consistent, competent and cost effective IT infrastructure (hardware and software) to boost all facets of operational requirements and meet business objectives. IQSPL Manufacturing Solutions include:

Unified Communications

Cutting edge technology solutions in association with OEMs to enhance internal and external operational competences linked to supply chain or manufacturing processes.

Integrated Networking

Superior integrated networking solution combining passive network and active network components for multi-location based businesses.

Data Center and Virtualization

End-to-end design and implementation services to assist data centers utilize the latest technologies of virtualization, private cloud or virtual desktop interface.

Enterprise Applications

Complete scope of services for evaluation, deployment and maintenance of Enterprise Applications such as, ERP, CRM or SCM.

Digital Security

Comprehensive security solutions to cater to perimeter security, identification, authentication, end point and content security.