A converged security platform that provides superior risk management for the enterprise.

Despite increased awareness of advanced threats and a surplus of available security products, many IT systems are still at risk from threats resulting into a products-based approach to security. Threats such as unpatched software, disparate security solution implementations leave gaps in the security posture, data and user access which intensively contribute to breaches, even where best-in-class security systems are already in place. Unlike product-based approaches to security, IQSPL’s ISA360º is a converged IT infrastructure security solution and a platform to provide superior risk-management for the enterprises that bring together high value of data protection and preservation along with integrity solutions. That makes ISA360º a complete suite to analyze, detect and manage IT infrastructure security risk.

ISA360º integrates with the security posture that you already have and predictively detects vulnerabilities, risk areas, critical factors and intensively weak patch management which may directly impact the mission critical transportation of information and data integrity with high risk of data leakage and corruption of media. IQSPL’s ISA360º is available either as a managed service for the entire IT infrastructure or as individual modules for versatile deployment structures.

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0 Day Exploit

SQL Injection

Brute Force

Application Control

Network Anomaly Detection

Web Application Protection

Content & Data Security

Intrusion Prevention


Phishing Campaign


Infected Website

Risk Management

Vulnerability Management

Network Acitivity Monitoring


Log Management

Misconfigured FireWall

Vulnerable Server

Malicious Insider

Botnet Communication

Threat Advisories

IP Reputation

Malware Information

Malicious Websites

Vulnerability Database

Key Factors of ISA 360º

"Increase security and reduce complexity"

Unified Intilligence

Consolidate and corelate system information from hundreds of sources
Designed to help detect, notify and respond to threats missed by other security management process
Automate compliance tasks and assess risks

Continued Research

Consolidate and corelate system information to stay ahead of the changing threat landscape
Designed to help detect the latest vulnerabilities, exploits and malware to plan strategic security implementation
Add security intelligence to non-intelligent systems

Identifies the Protection Ratio

Customize protection capabilities to block specific vulnerabilities using scan results, detection methodologies, strong policy implementation, and arduously monitored ISMS
Converge InfoSec management with multilayer Information Security service gateways

Intelligence | Integration | Expertise

Consulting Services

Highly qualified, domain expert security consultants and architects
Assess security risk and compliance, evolve security program

Managed Services

Globally available, managed security services platform
Manage security operations, detect and respond to emerging risk, quantify the challenges faced by industries to keep IT operations secure and hack proof


IQSPL’s global coverage of security operations centers, powered by unmatched cyber security analytics. Integrated security portfolio, Cloud,
Mobile threat security solutions, Global threat research, and Security Intelligence Services.