Drive your grid through our high security communication network solutions created to maximize adaptability and reliability.

It's time to shift to smarter grids due to demand created by the energy and utility market to make over the energy value chain. The current communication network restricts many utilities to exploit all their functions to avoid network outages due to its unpredictable and aging technologies.

IQSPL’s Perceptive Utility Network Communication Services help transform your traditional grids to intelligent ones. With us you can plan, deploy and operate your communication network for maximum control, visibility and usability of grid resources.


Our end-to-end services help you establish a very effective way to engineer and deploy a dynamic communication platform.IQSPL’s network communication services help in:

Network maximization

Initiate new network capabilities throughout the organization to reduce costs and enhance dependability, and agility.

Manage evolving operational needs

Establish industry standardbased high securitycommunication services for everchanging operational demands.

Creating future designs

Create competencies for future communication services builton governing mandates, industry standards and advanced systems management.

How it works

IQSPL’s Perceptive Utility Network Communication Service is a means to provide value through knowledge, modernization and outstanding asset based delivery. Our end-to-end services, vendor neutral approach, and upbeat methodology help establish a very effective way to engineer and deploy a dynamic communication platform. We provide a vast range of facilities driven by high quality services and OEMs who are leaders of the market.

Update your substation LAN’s using switches and hardened routers integrated with your grid equipment manufacturers.

Stabilize your capital expenditure and operating costs using our extensive array of services at field-area network level.

Use multi-phased approach to speed up project delivery and accelerate ROI, our teams bring tested methods and resources to different phases of delivery.

Get multivendor support for all your communication environment through a vast array of technical support and maintenance services.

Secure, Defend, Maintain and Maximize your network using our portfolio containing foundational solutions, security and network management.