The emerging threats of today, if not prevented may cause data leakage, critical infrastructure disruption or loss of reputation to your business. IQSPL’s Managed Security Services provide an integrated threat management solution to detect risks and execute controls around your data center, network and data endpoints. Our suite of security services impact economies of scale, facilitate uninterrupted security monitoring to counter advanced cyber threats proactively.

We Offer

Consulting Services - Infrastructure Security

IQSPL’s Consulting Services offers risk evaluation and management, and prioritization of controls on the principles of privacy and regulatory prerequisites. Our consulting services provide:

  • Risk evaluation through vulnerability assessment or penetration testing
  • Technology gap evaluation and roadmap outlining
  • Security information and event management through advisory implementation
  • Cloud security advisory
  • Security operations center including tools, processes and people advisory
  • Data loss prevention through advisory implementation
  • Disaster recovery or business continuity by advisory planning

Professional Services - Infrastructure Security

IQSPL’s Infrastructure Security offers a wide range of key professional services to continually upgrade your security controls, against advanced threats, while meeting compliance requirements. We provide:

Data Center Security Services

Virtual Private Network, IPS, Firewall architecture, wireless IPS, denial-of-service (DDoS), Web application firewall, cloud and virtualization security architecture and implementation

Content Security Services

Web and e-mail security architecture, fine-tuning of rules and implementation, data loss prevention, database activity monitoring, implementation and policy optimization

Endpoint Security Services

Network access control architecture and policy fine-tuning, two-factor authentication, file integrity monitoring implementation, advanced malware architecture and implementation

Threat Management Services

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) architecture implementation, fine tuning and rules enhancement, vulnerability management architecture and implementation

Key Vendor Alliances

Symantec, Cisco, McAfee, IBM, Trend Micro, RSA and Qualys

Managed Services - Security Device Management

IQSPL’s Security Device Management provides security device management, incident alert and notification on security devices. The devices are managed at IQSPL’s Security Operations Center and the services are provided through shared, dedicated and hybrid service models using flexible coverage.

Some of the devices covered are:


Endpoint Security

Virtual Private Networks

Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems

Data Loss Prevention

Two-factor Authentication

Web Application Firewalls

Network Access Control

Distributed Denial of Service

Wireless Security

Managed Services Security Operations Center

IQSPL’s Managed Services Security Operations Center offers critical threat management services from our operations center based in Pune. Through our partnership with industry leaders, we address today’s complex security environment proactively and effectively. We provide:

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Services

We deploy dedicated as well as shared resourcing models through our vendor-neutral SIEM monitoring and management solutions.

Vulnerability Management Services

We determine criticality and present threats through periodic vulnerability assessments and mapping of results against the customer’s IT assets.

Compliance Management Services

It involves automated evidence collection from IT systems and logs, and reporting of compliance against standards and regulatory requirements.

Threat Intelligence Services

We provide continuous data feed of critical vulnerabilities, exploits, threat patterns, periodic trends and industry specific intelligence to our clients.