Extreme competition, ceaseless upgrading of products and compliance adherence has created continuous challenges for Hi-tech industry. Keeping a check on costs and inefficiencies while responding to changing global strategies is the need of the hour. The Hi-Tech business is getting redefined with focus now on designing intelligent machines that can communicate, and the integration of Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing (SMAC) technologies.

How IQSPL Helps

IQSPL, with its long experience in the Hi-Tech segment provides customized solutions and services across a range of domains. It includes:

Product Lifecycle Management

Digital Marketing

Enterprise Services

Supply-Chain Management

Sales and Service Transformation

IT Transformation

High cost of operations and low productivity due to changing nature of markets, industry trends, technology advancement and workforce habits can hinder the growth of any business. IT transformation becomes an essential step to realign it with company’s business strategy. IQSPL can help you expand the efficiency of your IT functions by streamlining and standardizing your IT operations. Our services include:

Application rationalization and integration

Business process re-engineering

IT infrastructure transformation

Maximizing productivity and efficiency by linking services with Baseline Agreement (BLAs)

Active use of transformational technologies i.e. SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) to align to the business objectives

Cloud Implementation

The expansion of Hi-Tech industry depends on creation of new products and the time taken from its invention to launch in the market. Some of the challenges faced in the process are - high capex requisite, tight collaboration between design, production and prototyping teams, etc. Implementing Cloud can help you bring operational flexibility and also in moving from capex to opex. IQSPL with its long experience in Cloud operations can help you in:

Cloud Consulting & Blue Printing

Cloud Security

Cloud Architecture and R&D

Internet of Things

Infrastructure Transformation IaaS

Cloud Content Management

Application Transformation & Cloud Enablement


Traditional methods of doing business have seen a tremendous change due to influx of smart phones. Smartphones have made mobility one of the leading trends in business and technology. With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) domination and smartphones being the favored interface, there is an urgent need to have a Mobility strategy. IQSPL’s Mobility Solutions help you in:

Mobile Business Strategy Consulting

Mobile UI/UX through Responsive Designs

Mobile Security

Mobility Testing

BYOD/MDM Rollout & Support

File Storage & Collaboration Implementation Services

Big Data & Analytics

To sustain growth in the fast-changing market environment, Hi-tech industry needs to gain insight into performance, market trend prediction, assessment of customer needs, and more on the basis of run time. Here Big Data and Analytics play a wider role by helping organizations analyze challenges and take corrective actions.

IQSPL with its team of professionals empowers you with process, analytics and data to take critical decisions intelligently. Our solutions include:

Cloud Consulting & Blue Printing

Business Intelligence Services

Analytics & Data Science Services

Big Data Business Strategy Consulting

Security Services

File Storage & Collaboration Implementation Services

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has finally given the opportunity to connect all your devices to internet for a streamlined operations, be it mega corporations or simple running of household gadgets. The Internet of Things create an opportunity where all your devices interact with each other seamlessly to collect, store and process data.

IQSPL with its technology knowhow, IP solutions, good industry-specific info, strong partnership with technology leaders and a strong delivery system, can help you:

Build superior customer experiences

Discover and generate new revenue sources

Maximize key business areas

Minimize time and costs

Proactive management