An Enabled Healthcare for a Progressive Future

Technology has touched every aspect of our lives and healthcare is no exception. In the last two-decade healthcare has gone through a complete revolution due to implementation of technology. Healthcare service providers have improved on the quality of delivery time, shortened the workflow turnaround time, and much more using latest technology, thus, bringing down overall cost.

IQSPL healthcare solutions are innovative, customized and cost-effective to help providers improve on safety and quality of medical care. IQSPL in alliance with technology leaders offers the best solutions and technology competence across different OEMs. We provide:

Patient Life-Cycle Management

Admission Solutions

Our admission solutions are focused on intensive mobility and collaboration for medical caregivers, such as, nurses and doctors. We help streamline the entire connecting, information sharing and decision making process for a hassle-free experience. Our admission solutions include:

Mobility and Collaboration Applications

Emergency Connect

Patient Care Solutions

We provide complete solution for patient care. It includes:

E-ICU/ICU Command Center

E-ICU/ICU Command Center Unified Messaging Solution


P PBX Nurse Call System

Public Address System


AV Solutions/Signage

AV Solutions/Signage Integrated Operation Room

Discharge Management Solutions

Telemedicine Solutions


Post Discharge Solutions

Our post discharge solutions help you monitor your patients remotely, make proactive contact with them, and provide On-demand contact to service patients after they have moved out of the hospital premises.

Post Discharge Care

Video Conference

e-Record Management


Apart from our main healthcare solutions we also provide:

Infrastructure Solutions

Server & Storage

Network Infrastructure

Emergency Connect

BMS (Hospital Management System & Hospital Information System)

Data Center Build

Firewall & VPN

End Point Protection

Security Solutions

As a healthcare provider, it is vital for you to secure all critical information about the patients. We provide end-to-end security solutions to meet all your needs. It includes:

Access Control

Physical Security

IP Surveillance

Document Management Solutions

IT Governance Risk & Compliance Solutions

HIPPA Compliance

ISO 27001 Certification