Develop exceedingly efficient data centers to initiate innovation and adaption to changes

The fast pace of advancement in analytics, social, mobile, and cloud are putting countless demands on your data center. An inefficient or hardware-centric infrastructure may not be able to sustain the everchanging nature of demand. Today’s market demands an extremely responsive and agile data center to stay ahead in business.

Our effective Data Center Services help you incorporate latest architecture and legacy systems, such as, cloud and virtualization into a robust, open-standards based data center. We help you design software-defined environments, which are smart and agile to automatically foresee and allocate infrastructure assets according to the workload. Explore a vast range of extremely secured prospects in analytics, cloud, social, and mobile with our highly scalable and optimized data centers.

Consolidate and Virtualize

Improve utilization, optimize floor space and enable standardization

Optimize and Standardize

Simplify deployments, reduce managements complexity and build a foundation for automation

Simplify and Automate

Streamline repeatable processes and reduce manual tasks

Dynamically Optimize/Hybrid

Anticipate and scale resources accordingly to meet changing workload requirements

IQSPL Strategic Approach and Roadmap to SDE

The Journey to Software Defined Environments (SDE)

Integrate and Virtualize

Enhance efficiency and cut cost by controlling your infrastructure expansion

With the growth of your data center, grows the complexity related to it, such as, lack of flexibility, high cost of maintenance and much more. Integrating and virtualizing your infrastructure for a cloud-equipped and optimized data center is the most effective way to cut down on costs, energy, space and efforts while enhancing resource deployment.

Consolidate Systems

Lower infrastructure expansion and enhance resource deployment.

Virtualize Assets

Bring down your energy loads, increase capacity to develop a good base for cloud computing and finally, move to social, mobile and analytics capabilities.

Cut Down Costs

Increase productivity of your data center and save on costs, energy, labor and space.

Elevate and Regulate

Verify the crucial workloads and services of your data center

Determining the business-critical services to your data center is the first step to optimize and standardize the services in your IT environment. To create a strategic data center, IQSPL’s purpose-driven, critical business assessment modules help analyze the important services that are needed and the ones that can be discarded. The mapping of workloads to related constructive platforms and then categorizing them into service levels helps your lower the risk, expenditure and management intricacies. For the critical services that remain, a standard policy is created to lay the foundation for automation and technologies, such as, cloud computing, social, mobile and analytics capabilities.

Maximize Services

Determine services that are important and the ones that need to be discarded.

Establish Standard Policies

Create processes for consistent and reliable performance of repetitive tasks.

Prepare for Automation

Develop the foundation for cloud computing and automation to eventually support social, mobile, and analytics capability of your organization.

Streamline and Automate

Boost flexibility, lower manual functions in your data center

A streamlined and automated data center helps you reduce error rates and improve on consistency. Automation enables you to scale and deliver IT assets more efficiently by creating standard categories of services manageable through a self-help portal. Our team of experts can help streamline and automate your data center to further your output and make way for cloud, social, mobile and analytics based technologies.

Simplify Delivery and Management

Build the foundation for cloud computing while streamlining delivery of services and unburdening your system administrators.

Optimize Performance, Curtail Costs

Minimize errors and delays using reliable, repeatable processes.

Improve Flexibility

By introducing automation into your data center, services can be handed off more easily (for example, between application development and testing).

Dynamically Optimize/Hybrid

The latest development in technology demands a transition to software defined environment (SDE), to lend a competitive edge to your data center. Through SDE, you can maximize your infrastructure on the basis of application needs, accessibility and service-level policies. A software defined environment uses its cognitive computing and cutting-edge analytics to get ready for future by using present and past experiences. We can assist you in employing a robust hybrid approach for your data center to make your operations more extensive in the cloud, while reinforcing other innovative technologies.

Maximize Response

Maximize your process, network, storage and capacity infrastructure to help adapt to different workloads efficiently.

Operate in the Cloud

Operate in the cloud for greater flexibility and better managed security and compliance mandates, while freeing applications and processes from physical infrastructure.

Ready Yourself for Future Workloads

Regulate workloads and revise associated policies using cognitive learning ability of SDE to simplify future workloads.

What We Offer

Data Center Outsourcing

Improve utilization, optimize floor space and enable standardization

Middleware Services

Enhance efficiency and usefulness by maximizing your middleware investments

Private and Hybrid Cloud Services

Reduce IT infrastructure costs, improve responsiveness and agility

Site and Facilities Services

Design and develop complaint, cost-effective data centers and services

Managed Services


Lower your risk, increase performance and accessibility

Networking Services (US)

Design, deploy and run integrated networking and communications environments

Server Services

Develop, maximize and run an adaptable server infrastructure with our server capabilities

Storage Services

Design a competent information infrastructure with our storage services