Defend against internal & external data threats

Our top solutions in managed services and consulting assist businesses stay conversant with latest in security practices, threat identification, and application flaws.

IQSPL’s customized data security services help you protect your business-critical data through integration of latest data protection technology with risk-balanced strategy. Optimize your data control using the latest technology in loss prevention and encryption.

Our Solutions Help Through

Simplified Approach

Collaborate throughout your organization using your current Infrastructure

Data Protection Approach

Understand your critical data and align it with risk management goals

Risk Alliviation

Adhere to regulatory compliance and bring down data loss risk factors

Our Data Security Services Offer

Critical Data Protection Plan

Hackproof your business-critical data

Your most sensitive data may constitute a small percentage of organization’s total information but your business survival may depend on it. IQSPL’s critical data protection plan offers an all-inclusive approach to protect your strategic information from unapproved access, disclosure or theft.

We help you by

Identifying highly sensitive data and establishing security goals to protect it.

Carrying out a gap analysis of your security process and controls for your sensitive data to enhance security posture.

Monitoring your security framework to maintain regulatory standards and security metrics.

Evaluating and categorizing the high priority features of your business data and environment.

Designing risk redressal plan to mandate and authenticate solutions, and deploy operational framework.

Your first line of defense – Endpoint Data Protection

Your devices are the fastest way to compromise your organization’s security if left unprotected. IQSPL’s Data Security Services employ the latest encryption and software in the market to control endpoint security.

Swift Deployment

Quick implementation of data loss prevention software and end-point encryption technologies

Automated Encryption

Acquire policy-based message and email encryption sans IT intervention

In-built Security

Extend data loss protection to most used applications

Improved Visibility

Boost endpoint visibility and control to avoid data leakage

With Our Solution

A streamlined and automated data center helps you reduce error rates and improve on consistency. Automation enables you to scale and deliver IT assets more efficiently by creating standard categories of services manageable through a self-help portal. Our team of experts can help streamline and automate your data center to further your output and make way for cloud, social, mobile and analytics based technologies.


Build the foundation for cloud computing while streamlining delivery of services and unburdening your system administrators


In-house security expert requirements


Regulatory compliance and device-usage policy


Security rich, information interchange through sensitive data monitoring