Most global enterprises are bracing digitization with cloud as the base, to gain new visions, exploit new opportunities, and develop new models to provide customers a superior, meaningful and hassle-free experience.

Cloud Approach and Consulting

Discover business and IT drivers for cloud approaches through our experts, select the most appropriate cloud platform and define the procedure to achieve it.

Cloud Application Services

Use our IaaS or PaaS platform to upgrade your applications by hosting, expanding or developing them.

Cloud Management Services

Bring utmost efficiency in the provisioning and management of your cloud resources.

Cloud Software Services

Select innovative cloud services for a cloud infrastructure, and let us assist you in planning, developing and managing it.

Cloud Software Services

With us learn to leverage all possible process driven functional solutions transferred through SaaS models.

The value of Cloud Computing

Greater Flexibility and Agility

Competitive Differentiation

More Business Process Innovation

Cloud Adoption Survey
What People Want:


Greater flexibility and agility


Competitive differentiation


Faster business innovation


Measurable efficiencies


of companies expect the cloud toaccelerate technology megatrends

With IQSPL’s Cloud Services you can sreamline your operation, maximaize your resources and unlock unprecedented level insightand performance