Driven by dynamic tools, deep analytics and top industry-platforms to analyze and discover vulnerability.

AppSec 360º Approach to Security Management

IQSPL’s AppSec 360º helps you minimize application security risks, enhance application security management, and finally, achieve regulatory compliance. With complete collaboration from our team of experts, you can establish policies, and scale testing all through the application development lifecycle. Maximize your remediation efforts through our Threat Summary Report, which categorizes and prioritizes your application assets on the basis of high-risk areas and its impact on revenue. AppSec 360º provides customized performance metrics to help you monitor your application defense mechanism all-round the year.

AppSec 360º delivers

Scalable application security testing through diverse testing techniques.

Vulnerability remediation advisories, policy tests and template scans to aid in deployment of application security processes.

Itemized security reports and enterprise level summary for complete visibility of threats and compliance.

Prudent analysis of application all through its lifecycle.

Counteractive solutions to minimize attack surface.

Visible threat detection, corrective action to identify and diminish security breach

Close monitoring of Database and Scripting flaws to mitigate attacks

Sandbox environment for efficient security testing by using real-time attack simulations

AppSec 360º on Cloud


Expedites application security testing at a suitable stage of development lifecycle.


Detects security flaws such as, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection.


Provides comprehensive report summarizing security flaws, potential risks and remedial solutions for them.


Helps attain total control and visibility of your open source usage through continuous monitoring of your software’s open source components.


Pre and Post deployment security maximization policies to improve services and upgrade applications.


Accelerate open source, vendor-specific deployment solutions.