The Aerospace industry worldwide is growing with the increase in demand from airlines. This continuous rise has resulted into new challenges, such as, rising operational costs, deficiency in airport infrastructure, balancing the maintain, repair and overhaul (MRO) value chain along with trained flying and maintenance crew. A massive policy shift from importers to manufacturers has helped India enter Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry.

IQSPL understands these compulsions and is well equipped to help in the growth and maturity of A & D in India by participation in select areas. We have good experience to support A&D design teams, R&D, prototyping and more.

How IQSPL helps

We support A&D organizations extending from Airframers, Tier 1&2 suppliers, defense forces, airlines and airports by:

Enabled IT Systems, Process Outsourcing

Secure and Optimized IT Infrastructure

Developing, implementing, integrating and maintaining solutions for specific needs of A&D industry

Our strategic partnership across products and services help you deal with market competitiveness and dexterity to meet business mandates