Intelligent Quotient System Pvt Ltd is a premier provider of Communications and Information technology based services. For over half a decade, we have undertaken colossal projects from start to finish. Over the years, we have amassed a resilient team and unparalleled expertise across diverse technologies in order to provide seamless solutions for our clientele. Today IQSPL is synonymous with excellence. IQSPL offers a rich assortment of products ranging from Datacenter, Co-location, Managed Services and Virtualization all the way to IP surveillance and networking that we customize to deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients. IQSPL has already firmly established itself as a top player in the Government vertical. Our well-harnessed pool of talent coupled with our futuristic vision; make us an industry leader in technological services. IQSPL’s success is attested by our clients, who we have helped in achieving exponential revenue growth, enhanced visibility, reduced production costs and increased productivity. Within a short span of time, IQSPL has cemented its legacy as a market leader, providing unparalleled solutions in the following key ICT domains.

Our intensity, integrity, and intelligence set us apart from our competition, and drive us to deliver one-stop solutions to even the most demanding business requirements. Knowing that no two businesses our alike, IQSPL designs solutions for its clients from the ground up for maximum efficiency and thorough accountability.