IPPBX Systems

Also known as an IP PBX, PBX serves as the central switching system for phone calls within a business. PBX systems handle internal traffic between stations and act as the doorkeepers to the outside world. The initials PBX stand for Private Branch Exchange.

In today's highly evolved corporate world a business phone system is way more than just a simple switch. Related technologies like automated attendant, voice messaging, call queuing and multi-party conferencing have now become the industry norm. Basic analog and proprietary digital phones are becoming obsolete, clearing the path for standards-based IP phones. Outside connectivity is now accessible through Internet via SIP trunks and other VoIP services.

IPPBX Systems provide numerous benefits to the business-

  • Complete voice and data communication solution designed for SME's
  • Alternates between a traditional phone system and an IP Telephony Server.
  • Serves single locations as well as multi-site networks.
  • Elementary call center and voice messaging capabilities are inbuilt.

Complete Internet Security

  • Firewall - Extensive Firewall with IDP/VPN and DMZ for separating Internal & External Network.
  • Bandwidth Management - Supports Quality of Service at User & IP Level.
  • Content Filtering - Database of 10 Millions of sites into 65 + categories. (Web Cat ENGINE)
  • Traffic Discovery - Online discovery on all Internet Traffic.
  • Application Control - Managing Services, Ports, Application on Internet
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam - HTTP/FTP/SMTP/POP/IMAP & Spam Control at Gateway Level.
  • Proxy/DNS/DHCP - To reduce the Load on main Connectivity.
  • Multiple Gateway & Auto load Balancing - Manage Session based Balancing with Automatic traffic redirection from failed gateway to working link.
  • Reporting - Extensive Reports, Graphs, Analysis (Based on IP/User/Mail/Port & Application).
  • Diagnostic & Dashboard Tools - Checking real time system and network. Analysis.