With years of expertise as a leading Solutions Integrator, IQSPL has a long standing history of creating intelligent IT solutions for platforms, storage, data center and virtualization. We procure and assemble for our clients a resilient infrastructure which can withstand the most demanding business needs.

IQSPL has a highly skilled, technically competent and extremely motivated team that has received the highest level of certifications from leading OEM's. Our team keeps abreast of the latest developments in technology to ensure that they create brilliant solutions that deliver unparalleled value to our Customers. We serve as technology partners to our clients and provide a comprehensive enterprise portfolio commencing with building Datacenters, addressing the entire sequence of services including infrastructure consulting and design, product supply, deployment and maintenance etc.

IQSPL acquires and assembles for its clients state of the art products from technology behemoths like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, NetApp, EMC, Citrix, Oracle and IBM to help them leverage the very best out of their technology infrastructure with a view to increase long term yields.

IQSPL's Solutions Development Campus is equipped with cutting edge technology, assisted by our in-house team of skilled engineers and coupled with years of industry expertise, to custom make for our clients’ ideal solutions employing best-of-the-breed technology and unmatched service. Customer experience is of paramount importance to IQSPL, and our client retention and repeat business statistics are a testament to our unwavering dedication and professionalism.