Audio, Video and Control Integrations (Multimedia)

IQSPL has long been a trusted name in the field of enterprise communication. Unlike our competitors, we provide client specific solutions that help our clients streamline their output by best optimizing their resources IQSPL believes in growing together with our clients, and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our objectives.

When you partner with IQSPL, you have access to industry best design, planning, implementation, and support your for your AV solution. You will experience an unparalleled difference in technology and service that only an industry leader can provide.

IQSPL offers the following services

  • User scrutiny and analysis
  • Network analysis and design
  • Audio visual integration for entire premises, including conference rooms, indoor and outdoor rooms, lobbies, boardrooms, presentation halls, information sharing display, guest entertainment, video conferencing rooms and waiting rooms.
  • Video conferencing infrastructure implementation and maintenance
  • Network and end user management
  • Infrastructure maintenance.
  • Network and end point monitoring, call scheduling and launching
  • Complete outsourcing solutions for video conferencing needs
  • Network and end point monitoring, call scheduling and launching

We have cultivated strategic long standing relations with most of the leading OEM's like TATA, Cisco, WIPRO, IBM and several others to help bring you the latest technological advancements at cost effective prices.